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Video makers of Columbus, OH

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22nd June 2009

abcdavid10:07am: obama vs fly (mystery revealed)
(DID ANYONE NOTICE THE FLY SURVIVED) president obama fighting a protesting fly that happened to be flying near-by...a conspiratorial assassination of the third kind before it had a chance to speak its truth.

5th December 2007

fileman11:14pm: First snow of the season for Columbus
A video commemorating first snow of the season...

4th October 2007

fileman11:29pm: GML2007

6th September 2007

wonderbreadwop6:21pm: DooDah Parade

4th September 2007

fileman8:29pm: A dreadful video with footage taken at Alum Creek Park...
Current Mood: silly
fileman2:23pm: Just to get the ball rolling in this new community...
Video of Belly Dancers at The Columbus Arts Festival...

Current Mood: happy
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